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efficiency and productivity is a mindset to be cultivated















In order to recognise and remove these issues affecting the workplace, we have to develop new soft skills and new interpersonal problem-solving tools. To achieve this we must transform our mindsets from reaction to response.


In a response mindset, we cultivate teamwork, empathy, productivity, clarity on targets and goals whilst reducing stress, sickness, and disengagement. A team that can communicate effectively works efficiently in profitability.


The client base that works with MK Consultants understand that change is temporary but transformation is permanent and to maximize performance in every area they must develop themselves in order to develop their business.


The development sessions are delivered in an objective and private space free from judgment, prejudice and in complete confidentiality to allow individuals the breathing space to open up, unburden themselves and transform negative situations into positive growth.

MK Consultants Reaction vs Response Training targets key individuals within the business training them to recognize and remove the symptoms of reaction within the workplace.


When we are in a reaction mindset our ability to remain objective and focus is reduced, affecting efficiency and productivity, the biggest symptom of reaction is stress. 


Warning signals that you are working in a reaction environment include micromanaging, poor time management, conflicts within the workplace, interpersonal issues that keep returning, office politics, disengagement, assumptions, and projections.