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Michael kiely

Michael Kiely is a performance specialist - transforming mindsets, developing people and maximising performance. His career has involved working as an executive for multinational oil and gas companies over 20years; managing multicultural teams as well as working closely with SME's.


Michael was introduced to personal development by The MawdsLeigh Difference. This took him on an inner journey in which the ripple effects were profound. Taking responsibility for his own situations and knowing that he is the creator of everything in his life was transformational. Originally as a student of The Masks Program, Michael utilised the training and supercharged his career transforming limiting beliefs.


Michael has deep industry knowledge and global business experience in the oil and gas industry but also as a performance specialist, his experience includes:


  • International oil and gas expertise obtained by working within the world’s largest oil and gas companies.

  • Emergency Response Team Leader - involved in crisis management; responsible for overseeing multinational teams in high-risk environments for all emergency situations.

  • Implementing, monitoring, improving efficiency and productivity within multicultural teams.

  • Developing effective training strategies to ensure staff engagement, cultivating continuous improvement within a high performing business environment.

  • Creating management mentorship programs for developing trainees in leadership positions as well as being a valuable mentor.

  • Creating and growing MK Consultants - a dynamic and dedicated approach to self-awareness developing emotional intelligence to find the root cause of issues for rapid results.

  • Successfully working with small business owners, entrepreneurs and private individuals to attain empowerment; reduce stress; overcome addictions and enhance their life and career.



“Change is temporary, transformation is permanent”