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MK Consultants

New solutions for old problems.

Self-awareness in the workplace, developing emotional intelligence, combating impostor syndrome and eliminating stress. In order to have this, we need to understand ourselves and how we react to challenging situations. Once we understand ourselves then we can transform our mindset and shift from reaction to response mode.

Having worked in large organisations, managed multinational teams, and working closely with SME's I have seen the same issue in every workplace. Too often we are in a reaction mindset that has a direct impact on all of our decision making, productivity, and our performance.

But this is not just for business, our personal and professional lives are interlinked and we need to be self-aware in all of our relationships in order to live life to our true potential.

The solutions delivered have profound impacts and are for individuals and companies who understand that change is temporary but transformation is permanent. 


Regardless of the size of your business, we have to look internally to remove what is holding us back and affecting our performance.

Working 1-1 with clients, also delivering workshops and training for larger groups.

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Dynamic personal development style designed to quickly find the root cause of any issues, stagnation or conflicts.

Experiential 1-1 courses and workshops that will challenge your perceived reality and transform your mindset.